Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Reflecting on four years of work on a local weekly paper, it occurred to me I'd actually achieved quite a bit.
In that time I've managed to speak to quite a few people I never would have expected to see in person, let alone sit down and have a chat with.
Of course my passion is sport. Having a V8 Supercar team here in town certainly helped that cause, and created some sporting memories I'll never forget.
I remember following the Brad Jones Racing team - back in the Ford days - (I've always been a Ford man) and Jason Bright was one of my favourite drivers when he was punting the Blue Oval around the track.
Then all of a sudden there I was, sitting in the Brad Jones Racing board room having a chat to Brighty. It might not seem like a big deal to some, but I had only been in the media industry for five minutes really, so to me, it was huge!

I also managed to catch up with Jason Richards a couple of times over the phone, before his sad, untimely death.
I could feel the passion in his voice, the desire to take the team as high as he physically could, and I have no doubt, given the chance, he certainly would have succeeded.

I watched at Winton from the Jones garage as Bright sliced his way through the field to finish top of the podium, and noted the pride displayed by a then ailing Richards, seeing his car take the honours. 

After the race I managed to sneak up the track with the team to catch an amazing moment close up of Richards and Bright, and proudly ran it front page.
While I've spoken to many people over the years, that was certainly one moment that will always stand out.