Monday, July 27, 2009

Cool Hoops Video.

I found this looking through Peter Robert Casey's blog.
Peter had mentioned Rucker Park to me in an email so I Googled the name, discovered some history and ended up finding this going through his older blogs.
Some great stuff on that blog!
Go check it out.
Peter Robert Casey

Vince Carter at Rucker Park.


Peter Robert Casey said...

I actually saw "Whole Lotta Game" Walton last Thursday at the NetScouts Pro Exposure event in NYC. He's about 31 years old now, but could still get buckets. Thanks for referring my site!

Trevor B Jackson said...

"Whole Lotta Game"...
Now there's a moniker that could make or break a man!

G Lucciano said...

Thats good stuff right there..
Thanks for the post!

World of Warcraft Account said...

Yes the video is cool.