Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tigers v 36ers (and Julius Hodge!)

On Saturday 27th December the Tigers once again hosted the 36ers.
No different to last game?
Well this time a certain Julius Hodge was on the court!
I hadn't yet had the opportunity to see this man in action so I sat under the basket at the 36ers end and set about my work.
It wasn't long before Hodge began to show why some say he's the best player in the league at this point in time.
His energy alone was enough to guarantee the Sixers a win against the home side.
I had to keep an eye on him in order to snap any decent shots as I discovered early in the first where he made a beautiful steal and before I could lift the camera he executed a brilliant dunk!
Not impressed!
But then even when prepared for such a scenario his pace and uncertainty was hard to track.
All in all I was treated to one of the most exciting games so far this season.
The Tigers fought back valiantly in the third but were unable to overcome a regenerated Adelaide line up.
Adelaide are looking very dangerous for the last half of the season and I'm hoping for another crack at Julius Hodge before season's end.


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