Saturday, March 28, 2009

Water Polo Grand Finals

Ovens and Murray Water PoloAlbury Pool hosted the senior Grand Finals
in water polo starting early Sunday morning
March 29th.
With the sun hiding behind trees and
buildings the scenario faced me where the
player was often in full sun while the ball
was in full shade, or vice versa.
However the teams were pumped and the
atmosphere was as warm as the early morning
sun as the C grade final swung into action.

As the day warmed so did the competition
with the B and A grade men and women to
Some close games showed the even level of competition in the local league and I'm sure the players were quite comfortable in the cool water of the Albury pool, compared
to my position atop one of the diving blocks!

Quite a few young players took to the water, many of whom I've seen on the court at domestic and representative basketball not to mention their involvement in Netball, Aussie Rules etc.

It's good to see our youth encouraged to be a part of all sports in what is well known as a big sporting town.
(We did produce Lauren Jackson!)

As far as the day went all members retired to the Star Hotel for presentations after and were treated to a couple of slide shows containing images I've taken the last couple of weeks.

All in all a great day out.

Here's just a couple of shotsOvens and Murray Water Polo from the day.

Trevor.Ovens and Murray Water PoloOvens and Murray Water Polo

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